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8th December 2011

zenten4:08pm: Group membership closed
So I've gone ahead and closed group membership, and made it so only members can post here. This is because we keep on getting Russian porn spam.

If you want to join here and you have no desire to sell us Russian penises please leave a reply here.

21st September 2005

hexpiritus6:07pm: Disaster Relief
I'm planning to visit the Gamer House around 2pm to do some cleaning, as well as Saturday, around the evening, if the need arises. Hopefully I, or Bryan, shall have the keys when we come a-knocking. Though it may be helpful to have kali_kali there, it's not necessary.

As for assisting on the 30th, I'll have to see. As of the moment, I may have a housewarming-party/Silent-Hill-Fest either on the 30th, or October 1st, so depending on the availability of the guy bringing his X-box and Silent Hill Games, my availability is up in the air.

I also have a battered copy of "Good Omens" that I was reading. Is that oni_neko's, kali_kali's, or tibialmusician?
kali_kali1:42am: For all former residents
Please remove all of your belongings and clean your rooms by Tuesday the 27th. Anything left here after that date, unless told specifically otherwise, I will consider to belong to me and I will therefore pack it accordingly, or it will be be thrown out.

But please, clean your rooms. Upstairs is decent, but the basement is still a disaster.

And I'd also like a tally of people as to who is going to help oni_neko and myself move on the 30th? We need to give the keys to this place back to Minto by 5 on that day (I think), so morning for the move, afternoon for the finishing cleaning of the house.
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14th September 2005

demonalissa12:48pm: Hey gamer house peoples...
Mostly to my old housemates, I need some numbers. If you could email them to me, I would be one happy wolfie.

Angela's Cell, Antra's Cell, Josh's Cell, the number on the white board for Pharma Plus.

Thank you! xoxox

Oh and Tegan, call me!!!
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12th September 2005

jagash12:50pm: The Move of the GH
Ok, the move out of the Gamer House is taking place from Thrusday the 29th at i believe 9am until Midnight on the 30th of September. Everything needs to be out of there, including cleaned, by that date or else Angela has to pay for commercial cleaners to fix the mess.

So, this is a preliminary call for people to assist with such matters when the time comes. I know that people are busy, but even a few hours would help things out immensely. I know that most of you whom are able are planning on helping anyways, but in never hurts to be extra clear on specifics and we would be kinda hosed without assistance.


10th September 2005

hexpiritus7:03pm: Yay! Me & Queenie doing indie readings! w00t!
Hey friends of the gamer house! Wanna support me (aka Hex, aka MogFai, aka Festrell), and Queenie and our zany fucked-up writing endeavours? If you've got FREE TIME on Sunday, be sure to come by and listen to us read from our psycho zines, novellas, and poems. It's no cover, there's an OPEN MIC so you can come chill, plus it's at a bar, so there's good food, alcoholic beverages, and a nice vibe. Sorry for the last-minuteness. SO C'MON DOWN and hang! untested's gonna be there too.

Sunday, September 11, 2005
Starts at 5pm
Swizzles Bar & Grill
(mapquest directions here)

Featured readers: Queenie Tirone & Festrell
Reading dark fiction from: New & old works/zines, such as Demona's Deconstruction #01, Being Fey #4, Persephone, and Behind The Bull's Eye
For more information, check out: http://www.dustyowl.com/whatsnew.htm

apologetically x-posted

22nd August 2005

demonalissa10:59am: Note to residents:
Please remove your books from my bookcase by the end of the week, as I am moving my big stuff on Monday the 29th.

Note to Josh:

We still need to finish storting stuff and I would like to do so before I move on Monday. Thanx.
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21st August 2005

nightstriker2:36am: If I can get vehicular mobility on Sunday evening, would anyone mind if I swung on by?

7th August 2005

tibialmusician2:08pm: Soon to be irrelevant buuut.....
May i ask whats going to be happening to this commnuity after everyones moves to different areas of ottawa and beyond? Is it going to stay as it is? more or less a forum for planning parties and suchlike for the friends or is it going to be disbanded?

My request would be keep it as a community for planning get togethers with the various fotgh people.

Any takers or dissenters?
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6th August 2005

evilbitchqueen8:46pm: I Have a Dilemma
EDIT: Dilemma solved, thanks antra.

5th August 2005

tibialmusician3:49pm: too Hot anyways tomorrowness
Okay *sighs* for tomorrow its apparently a b-day for greensleeves. too lazy to link. it should start about 7 or so feel free to show up. not much else to put see peoples tomorrow.
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2nd August 2005

demonalissa7:09pm: Party questions:
So we still having a party here Sat night? [For greensleeves_ birthday] And also, we should throw a Wake(party) for the Gamer house before everyone leaves...I'm going to the comic book expo for the weekend of the 26th, so don't plan stuff then. I think Faye is coming with me too...http://www.hobbystar.com/ComicConTorontoV2/CC_Main.asp

Anyhow, toss ideas and stuff.

Who do you want there Greenie?

27th July 2005

looming_shadow10:57pm: Allo. I wanted to pop by sometime to hang out before I left for Toronto on Monday.

Would anyone be opposed to my popping over for an hour or so tomorrow round 6?

Pursuant to that, would anyone be around tomorrow round 6?
tibialmusician10:07pm: visitngs
i'm hopefully coming up friday can i beg crash space off of you all for about a week at least? in return i'll clean i promise:P
sweet_girlygirl12:40am: hexpiritus and demonalissa
Sorry if I'm asking this too many times, I just really want to treat you guys to this ^_^.

Do either of you know (yet) if you might be free sometime other Wednesday or Thursday (you pick the time I have both days completely off and no plans) to see Devil's Rejects? I'll pay (as I said) for the third ticket so it won't cost you two anything.

Hope ya both can make it.

*hugs to both of you*

Here are the showtimes btw for both days:

12:30 pm 3:15 pm 6:55 pm 9:50 pm

23rd July 2005

sweet_girlygirl12:35am: Hey hexpiritus
We were talking about hanging out Sunday, just wondering if you still wanted to do that and if so if you wanted to see Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects. It's totally not pass restricted so ^_^. I don`t work till 7pm so we could either go to an early show and hang out afterwards or go to the 4:20pm show and I could come over to your place before hand and we could hang out and then go to the movie up to you.

22nd July 2005

_blankstare_12:22am: weekend journey
hello to people of the house!
does anyone want to meet me at the greyhound station at 2:30 friday afternoon? if not, i'll be heading over to the house for a short visit to say hello (hopefully if people are home) and then heading out to peacimowen's party around 5:30 or so.
see ya soon!

19th July 2005

tibialmusician8:50am: visitations
heyas just checking that its ok if i come up today and stay til bout saturdayish. i'll be up around 4.30something so yes i'll be going to zaphods tonite

Robin you still owe me a drink:P
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sweet_girlygirl7:45am: SO anyone mind if I stop by (if anyone is home of course) sometime today, probably late afternoon early evening depending on when my bus gets in.

18th July 2005

jagash10:22pm: Question on Sacred Texts
Im seriously considering buying this CD, however i thought it might be wise to ask if anyone else would be interested in a joint order? If i buy them in bulk, they are cheaper each. It has the following material on the CD. http://www.sacred-texts.com/cdshop/cdcat.htm

Buy One Copy for $49.99
Buy Two Copies for $79.90 $39.95 per copy You save: $20.00
Buy Three Copies for $99.99 $33.33 per copy You save: $49.86
Buy Four Copies for $116.00 $29.00 per copy You save: $83.80
Buy Five Copies for $125.00 $25.00 per copy You save: $124.75

9th July 2005

tibialmusician10:53am: Ok the plan so far was that matt would pick me and blankstare up at we'd head to ottawa at about 1ish. kat ended up popping a stitch. Since shes been taking blood thinners she started bleeding out rather quick. we took her to the hopsital and she ended up being fine. I called matt on my rush out and gave him a brief summary. from what he heard he decided we coiuldnt go and confused everyone. we sorted it out and he realis4ed he was far too tired to go to ottawa. the idea proposed was he go sleep til 8 then we would see. he called at 8 and then decided to announce he didn't really want to go up. so sufficed to say we're not coming up. sorry guys.
Current Mood: annoyed
_blankstare_1:47am: change in plans
just got word that angrykat had to go back to the hospital and tibialmusician went with her. i don't know the details but i really hope she's ok.
in much less important events then, tegan and i won't be coming up for the weekend. just wanted people of the house to know incase they were wondering where we were.

okies, just spoke with tibialmusician , angrykat is alright but i'll leave it to one of them for details since i don't really know them fully.
so yes, we may still be coming up to ottawa, just a bit later in the day. will post in the morning when i know more and have slept.

8th July 2005

_blankstare_12:05am: more travellings with a ferret...
hellos to people of the house. i'll be catching a ride with tegan again this weekend :) so is it ok to crash on the futon again?
last time i heard, we'll be leaving at midnight/1am friday night which means arriving in ottawa around 5/6am saturday morning. i've got a key and will come in quietly as to not disterb anyone as they sleep. we're either leaving saturday night or sunday, haven't heard for sure yet but will keep people posted when i find out. it'll be a short visit, but still time to see people!

7th July 2005

sweet_girlygirl1:31am: demonalissa
This is totally last minute but I was wondering if I could take ya to Land of the Dead at 4:25pm today (thursday). I could meet up with you at your place around say 3ish. I'd do a night show but I work at 7. Anyway, I'm gonna sleep now and heopefully you get this on time, let me know if ya can come. I'll wake up around noon/1pm. *hugs* Hope ya can come, cause sadly it's the last day for the movie :( at my theatre anyway.

5th July 2005

looming_shadow12:20am: DUN... DUN... DUN DUN DUN DUN!
I am interested in meandering over to visit you people late Tuesday afternoon/early Tuesday evening...

anyone going to be home?

anyone going to object horribly to my presence?

or, for that matter, anyone object mildly?
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