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Party questions:

So we still having a party here Sat night? [For greensleeves_ birthday] And also, we should throw a Wake(party) for the Gamer house before everyone leaves...I'm going to the comic book expo for the weekend of the 26th, so don't plan stuff then. I think Faye is coming with me too...

Anyhow, toss ideas and stuff.

Who do you want there Greenie?
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  • 18 comments guys are haveing a party??????
Yeah apparently for greensleeves_. Its her B day.
I was thinking of dragging skjie up there to visit this weekend, how would you guys feel about that?
you thinking of coming by bus or car type thingie. Cause if by bus I'll meet you two at the station Wheeeee!~
It's still up in the air. :8/ I'd much prefer car, cuz busses are expensive.
I understand. Let me know though ^_^, cause if you do end up by bus I`ll so be there to meet you as I said.

Either way if you do come down this weekend hopefully I`ll get to see you and meet Paul. Too bad it`s too late for me to book off time from work *shurgs* C'est la vie. *hug*


August 4 2005, 14:04:53 UTC 11 years ago

A car can be just as expensive, if you are rending it, for you have to pay for the mileage, and then renting the care itself, you may want to check on those rates. But then again I have no idea how you plann on could also concide the train, if it runs between TO and Ottawa.


I mean, yeah we'd love to see you.
narf :( I'll probably miss it.
I should be able to show.
This saturday night? Hmm, i might be able to show up at 10pm or so if people would have me.
This is the first I've heard of a party this weekend.... sounds good though.
Josh should have posted something. But I did now. I hope this is ok.

Its for Greenie.
I can show if I'm not closing at and well if I am invited. ^_^
*closing at work
there is a party?

no body tells me nothing.
Its ok, I had to find out from other sources. ^_~