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Soon to be irrelevant buuut.....

May i ask whats going to be happening to this commnuity after everyones moves to different areas of ottawa and beyond? Is it going to stay as it is? more or less a forum for planning parties and suchlike for the friends or is it going to be disbanded?

My request would be keep it as a community for planning get togethers with the various fotgh people.

Any takers or dissenters?
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I was wondering about that too. I think it would be a good idea to keep it though for the reasons you gave.
i suddnely have the scene from the mask where hes thanking them for the emmy going "you like me, you *really* like me!" in my head only going you like my ideas;)
the point has been brought up before and we too think that it would help to keep the community as a means of communication. which means it will likely survive.
i hadn't heard a formal statement since i'm apparently not worth being told anything ;P btw any reason your comment shows up in my inbox as being posted at 2.05 am? since its about 7ish and it says it was just posted:P
apparantly my comp's clock is fucked or something. and the lines of communication are messed up in this house. I mean we the residents barely heard about this party we were having...

and well the we in my post was referring to an after noon aof converstion between me Queenie and Antra.