Captain Hex (hexpiritus) wrote in fotgh,
Captain Hex

Disaster Relief

I'm planning to visit the Gamer House around 2pm to do some cleaning, as well as Saturday, around the evening, if the need arises. Hopefully I, or Bryan, shall have the keys when we come a-knocking. Though it may be helpful to have kali_kali there, it's not necessary.

As for assisting on the 30th, I'll have to see. As of the moment, I may have a housewarming-party/Silent-Hill-Fest either on the 30th, or October 1st, so depending on the availability of the guy bringing his X-box and Silent Hill Games, my availability is up in the air.

I also have a battered copy of "Good Omens" that I was reading. Is that oni_neko's, kali_kali's, or tibialmusician?
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